Triumph Brighton
What Our Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers Are Saying



Today, bought by first new motorcycle from Brighton Harley-Triumph. A brand new 2018 Triumph Street Triple R. But the process started weeks ago. Ally was my sales rep and not only was she a wealth of knowledge, but anything she didn't know she not only would find the answer immediately, but genuinely seemed interested in helping the customer with any (if any) issues arose. The entire team there is extremely patient, friendly, and welcoming. Forget about shady and pushy dealers. Clearly this place employs people with a passion for motorcycles.While Triumph is a new addition to this dealership and many of the sales reps are indeed Harley owners, any salesman you talk to is nothing less than thrilled to help you with everything Triumph.Test rides? Bring your gear and prepare to smile ear to ear throwing your leg over whatever bike tickles your fancy. Even while waiting for the paperwork on my Street Tripple, I got to take a Rocket III out for a spin. How often do you get to ride your dream bike?I will recommend Brighton Harley-Triumph to anybody anybody and everybody, even just to see the gorgeous showroom and hang out at one of their many events. -Will

William Cooper, West Bloomfield, MI